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Africa’s data centre boom

Africa’s data centre boom

Requirements for data centres have flourished across the continent. Data centres provide a cheaper and more efficient IT capability than inbuilt servers, which is aiding their popularity. They also offer cloud services and allow organisations to focus on their core functions.

How to turn off time sensitive notifications on your iPhone?

How to turn off time sensitive notifications on your iPhone

If you want to learn How to turn off time sensitive notifications on your iPhone, we will explain every detail about this topic. You can prevent missing important messages from multiple applications on your iPhone and iPad by using time-sensitive notifications. Learn how they operate and what has to be done to switch them on by reading. […]

Best Forex Trading Apps – Currency Trading Apps [Best Forex Brokers]

Best Forex Trading Apps

Best Forex Trading Apps | Currency Trading Apps| Best Forex Brokers Using the right forex trading broker is a necessity for any trader. In this post, we will be listing some of the best forex trading apps and platforms in the traditional investment realm, with thousands of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds to trade. These trading apps come […]

Xbox unwraps new Home experience

Xbox unwraps new Home experience

Microsoft has launched what could be the new Xbox dashboard with its latest Xbox insider “home experience.” The new layout will arrive later this week and showcases some interesting features for users. Users will notice a new quick-access menu with icons for quick access to the library.   It’s basically a game art feature that […]

Apple Store Ghana | Buy iPhones, Macbooks & Accessories

Apple Store Ghana

Apple Store Ghana | Buy iPhones Products Unfortunately, Ghana does not have an official Apple Store yet. However, there are a number of authorized resellers and retailers in Ghana where you can buy iPhones, MacBooks, and other Apple products. Buy Apple Products in Accra | Apple Store Ghana Here are some places in Ghana where […]

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